About Comnav Technology

ComNav Technology Ltd. develops and manufactures multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS measurement engine boards and receivers for ultimate high precision positioning applications. It is the very first Chinese company to develop, design and produce combined GNSS boards. With its fast-paced business growth, ComNav Technology is making waves in the global high-precision GNSS industry.

ComNav Technology believes that the quality, performance and reliability will make the difference. From the customer’s point of view, ComNav Technology always places priority on quality rather than simply on price. ComNav Technology strictly manufactures every piece of board/receiver based on the ISO standard. There are totally two testing process to certify the quality of our products. And for the international market, ComNav Technology applies a complete testing cycle after the initial QC to ensure our overseas customers that ComNav is very serious on delivering the excellence.

About Galaies Electronics

Galaies Electronics Private Limited is incorporated in year 1986, provides a comprehensive portfolio for the global construction and surveying market equipment. Our systems include easy-to-use, highly productive GNSS instruments, unique software, rotating and layout lasers, optical and digital levels, and accessories. Our portfolio is known for robustness, ease of use and outstanding software designed by and for users in construction and surveying.

At Galaies, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions by developing, manufacturing and distributing quality construction and surveying instruments and software. We address professional as well as occasional users with our easy-to-use, yet highly productive GPS/GNSS , GIS instruments, software, lasers, optical and digital levels and accessories.