Product Overview

Fukuda FRE 203

What is Rotating Laser.

Rotating lasers, also known as rotary laser. tools that project a laser beam that rotates 360 degrees horizontally or vertically.They are used to measure and level large areas precisely.They can work with a receiver to achieve high accuracy at great distances.They are suitable for various applications in construction, earthmoving, and grading.

Uses of Rotating Laser

  • Construction & Surveying: Rotating Laser FRE 203 instrument are extensively used for Chimney work.
  • Interior & Exterior Allignment: Rotating Laser instruments are used for aligning and installing interior and exterior elements.
  • Landscapinng & Irrigation: In landscaping projects, rotating laser instrument assist in grading and leveling the ground.
  • Alignment of Solar Panels: Rotating laser instrument are employed in the installation of solar panels.
  • Tunnel & Mining: In tunneling and mining operations, rotating laser instrument assist in establishing accurate grades and alignments fot tunnels, shafts and underground structures.